Electrical Feedthroughs for Manufacture Industry

Electrical feedthroughs provide transmission of high voltage or high current to hermetic spaces throughout the entire application range. The design varies greatly depending on technical specifications and requirements. The air side ceramic surfaces are mostly covered with a layer of high temperature glass to reduce surface contamination and to increase the current resistance which causes leakage.

The maximum voltage that can be moved is usually 100 kV, while the maximum current is 800 A. Is that an absolute specification? Of course not, you can make adjustments as needed for higher power and currents. The main factor in customizing Electrical feedthroughs is the capacity of the electric current and the voltage. These two variables are used in connection with vacuum tightness and temperature resistance.

High voltage sources are needed in industry to increase the kinetic energy of electrons. Electron kinetic energy acts as a radiation source, if a radiation source is available; the manufacturing industry needs an electron beam machine to accelerate electron particles in the radiation process in industrial products such as cable insulation materials, plastic tubes, car tires, etc. so the quality is more perfect. The electron beam machine also plays an important role in alternative preservation technology, preservation that utilizes electron radiation caused by electrical energy sources. Electron beam technology is a concern of many countries today because this technology is claimed to have no ionizing radiation effect and does not use radioactive materials when functioning.

Electrical feedthroughs are an important part of dealing with high voltage sources. This component serves to transmit high-voltage electric power up to 300 KV DC with electron accelerator tubes in pressure vessels. Manufacturing companies need to design Electrical feedthroughs according to mechanical requirements because it is difficult to find this tool that suits the needs of manufacturing companies in the market. How to find Electrical feedthroughs for your manufacturing company? It’s easy; you can find companies that specialize in manufacturing customizable industrial equipment at https://www.scanwel.co.uk/distributed-products/solid-sealing-technology/.

Actually there are several types of Electrical feedthroughs. These types are produced according to their function; they are Instrumentation Feedthroughs for transmitting electrical signals or low-power applications, Coaxial Feedthrough for general applications of video, RF, and microwave, Thermocouple Feedthrough is used to measure temperature, Electric RF feedthrough is specifically designed for transmission Radio Frequency power to a vacuum environment, and Feedthrough Feed Power is designed for high voltage and it is found in many applications including vacuum furnaces.